školní družina

Smartík je otevřen:

 ranní družina od 8:15 hod.

v pondělí a v pátek do 17:00 hod.

od úterý do čtvrtka do 18:00 hod.

vychovatelky Gabriela Hubáčková, Anna Shejbalová

Smarťan to Smarťan club! 

Hi parents, my name is Ester Železná and I will be leading this year's Smarťan to Smarťan club! I hope to inspire your children and talk to them in a manner that they will understand and feel comfortable in. Over the course of the year, we will read books, watch fairytales and most of all, conversate with understanding and meaning.I have completed Cambridge exams until PET, and I am currently preparing for taking the FCE exam in March. I also work with esteemed teacher Jat Dhillon of the French Lyceum, and I attend the theatre group Giving Voice. I have played in various one act plays, performed and wrote a stand-up and I also did a silent play with movement only. I am an aspiring artist and would be my dream to be able to work in an English speaking environment.Although I am not a teacher, I hope that I can be a good friend to your children (and teach them something valuable in the process)
Ester Železná